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We’ve been trying to get into the mindset of project administration, more specifically, writing the business plan for USED. The A Level Business Studies books were dusted off, online business plan templates poured over and brains wound up like old mechanical tin toys. If anything makes you want to reach for the bottle, defrost the freezer, arrange your knickers drawer or stare aimlessly at the television at another repeat, attempting to write a business plan will do it.

When searching the internet for possible funding avenues we stumbled across The Bright Ideas Trust. It was set up by Tim Campbell of The Apprentice fame to offer young people an opportunity to kick-start their businesses so we were thrilled to be invited to attend a workshop after submitting our proposal. The workshop was aimed to give us the confidence and knowledge to fight, not fear, the figures, to translate the jargon, and arm us with the skills to writing the beast of a business plan and to realise our project. It helped us to understand the areas that we need to sit down and focus on, the bits that need some refining and tweaking and, more importantly, determination to push forward.

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