Show Us Your Space

With so many redundant shops and office spaces popping up around the country we got in talks with 3Space to put a roof over our heads and find a suitable home for the bags of reclaimed materials we’ve been rescuing from being thrown away and provide a space that we can work on re-using them.

The premise of 3Space, a charity, is to work with landlords who have an empty space to provide Community Interest Companies, social enterprises and other charities with a free temporary office or pop-up shop whilst it’s vacant and unused. Their aim is to help regenerate an area by making use of available premises, supporting local communities as well as giving organisations a platform to work their magic.

Our new space ties in nicely with the USED ethos, of using our available resources to make our upcycling community. A place where we can work on our range of clothes made from reclaimed materials, and to work with the community to skill-share, connect with our existing materials and create new from old.

Our aim is to be in our new working environment by the end of the month.

3Space are currently running a competition to charitable organisations with the chance to win the use of a free retail unit and £1500. See here for more details:

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