Life oh Life



So as i mentioned we have all been up to lots of stuff and it has been a busy year for the three of us and a lot of things have changed! Some good and some just well what happens in little projects 

Sarah is now an education officer working hard and full time for Traid . Rosie is just starting an exciting 16mm film project with a community group un hull that will run through this summer to create a monument to Charlie Chaplin. So that leaves me (Meghan) and basically I am gonna carry on planning more projects through USED. I’ll be putting up more details soon but so far it all going well. 

Sadly we gave up our studio space on Oxford Street in January 2013. The space and support that we were given throughout 2012 from 3space was a huge in helping us to develop our little project. At the end of the year though the three of us felt the need to be situated in a community that we could reach and interact with. Unfortunately a great a location as Oxford Street is, it just wasn’t suited for this. 

So current and future projects are most likely to based in Lewisham and South East London so keep an eye out for us. And again a big thank you to 3space for their help and support- anyone looking for space then check them out. new spaces and projects constantly popping up all over the place 


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