Good To See You


A little information on a recent project that I worked on: launched 11th May 2013 in Deptford Market 

The good to see you project arose as a concept arts project that explores visibility, invisibility and who and when we give Thanks. Focussing on the work of street cleaners working in and around Deptford Market, South East London, we aim to create awareness and interaction between the local community and those working here.

Street Cleaners have often long and isolated working patterns. The work is physically demanding and repetitive. The job brings a stigma of associated with waste, dirt and the discarded items that litter our streets. For this reason it is our perceived understanding that often people tend to keep distance, ignore or forget about the individuals that are maintaining the spaces that we carry out the activities of our lives. Keeping streets clean has a direct impact on the way we feel about our community and ourselves. Clean streets and spaces help us to feel positive and proud of who and where we are, which in turn benefits the experiences of a community.

 The Good to see you project will help understand and encourage acknowledgement and the giving of thanks to the individuals that are performing these services for us, reinforcing and promoting the positive experience of community. Using conversation, working with reclaimed materials and performance we hope to trigger a consideration of awareness and understanding among the participating public that will be fed back to both the street cleaners through messages, cards and activities of those who engage with the ideals of the project.

To keep updated with the project and if you would like to add to the collection of thanks/ good to see you stories via facebook group



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