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11428_13687Soo after another naughty little break- finally some pretty exciting- The Living Room Project has been accepted into Deptfod X Arts Festival. 

Deptford X exists to promote the best contemporary visual art and celebrate that art with the widest possible audience. It is an arts event born of Deptford’s creative community and based on a belief in the limitless potential of the area.

The festival brings together some of the greatest artists from around the globe to Deptford, south-east London and mixes them with some of the most creative talent living in the area’

Taking place 26th September – 5th October in and around Deptford!

Hurray for The Living Room and hurray DX14. Together we will be beautiful!!

Since I began to work on this project a year ago I have been lucky enough to meet and work with lots of different groups, organisations and individuals local to Lewisham but also across London. The content of these meetings has been diverse from gardening projects to teenage fashion and photography projects. Each one has had ups and downs but have ultimately been valuable experience and ones that I will be able to draw from in the planning and delivery of The Living Room Project.

So this has had some effect on the shape of the project and the decisions that I am now making as the dates, places and support are becoming confirmed.Some workshops have already been facilitated earlier this year with a sixth form center. and the next lot have been confirmed to take place in August with Deptford Action Group for Elderly (DAGE) at their tea room and charity shop on Deptford High Street. The rest will (fingers crossed) be confirmed this week- with hopefully quite a few free public workshops taking place so be sure to watch out for them. More details will follow as I draw up a exciting jam packed timetable

I am also very happy to confirm that I have now secured a space for the Living Room to take place during Deptford X. So after a small wait I am very pleased that my first choice…. (drum roll please) The Deptford Lounge are on board and will be the hosts of the project for the duration of DX14.

So please keep in touch with the project- through the my twitter or through the Think Big blog which has more regular updates.


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Bigger Thinking

After the success of MAS workshop/ exhibition and exchange, a new project has slowly been coming together. MAS was a great pop-up project that was able to utilise a community space for a fun and creative event but it was short and relatively small.

Sooo a new project has been developed out of MAS and this time it’s much bigger, theres more stuff going on for more people and it will last longer. It’s just much bigger, better and mega exciting!!

The Living Room will evolve from a programme of workshops and conversations with the community and culminate in the recreation of a typical homely and usable living room space within the gallery. The objective of the project is to explore changing spaces, values and interactions for communities that are going though transition in relation to regeneration, recession and globalisation, whilst also exploring the opportunities and value and of the arts in this respect. To engage with wide audiences, the Living Room will involve both community groups and a wider public to fill the gallery space with totemic objects representing significant values.

The same as MAS, The Living Room has been lucky enough to be granted support from Think Big.  THANKS to YOU THINK BIG!!

So there are a few more plans and things to be sorted but please keep an eye out for opportunities and events. I’m hoping there will be lots of time and space to get a great public programme organised and it would be fantastic to have lots of people involved with this.

Watch this space!

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MAS Print/Exhibition/Exchange @Number82

ImageA big Thank you to all of those who became involved in MAS in the short space of time that elapsed between idea/ call out and delivery. Thursday’s workshop and show went really well- the show was a great mix of interesting practices and was lovely to meet some of you at the exchange

 So without further ado… the results of the MAS exchange are as follows: 

Evelyn Albrow took away Joseph Claridge

Joseph Claridge took away Rebecca Snow

Rebecca Snow took away Rosie Chamberlain

Ellin Jane took away Thomas Murphy

Alice Bradshaw will get Ellin Jane through the post

Rosie Carr took away Jacob Hicks

Rosie Chamberlain took away Alice Bradshaw

Rosa Martyn took away Evelyn Albrow

Jacob Hicks took away Emma Cousin

Emma Cousin was given Rosie Carr 

Thomas Murphy can have Rosa Martyn (but I think number82 have it) 

Klaus Pinter was taken away by everyone

Jonathan Kelham dropped his dot to dot submission off a day late! Shame 

Hope everyone was happy with the results and their take away art piece! For anyone interested in any of the work/ artists involved in MAS then please get in touch through and I can forward details on. ImageImageImageImageAlso a big Thank you to the screen-printers who attended the workshop pre-showtime.  A very DIY workshop but really happy with the results and the added submissions to MAS looked great in the exhibition. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

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MAS exhibition


So following on from everything USED have been getting up to- it’s time for some new projects. The first is close approaching MAS exhibition at Number 82, Tanners Hill, South East London 

MAS is the latest project from USED and our first project in South East London. The exhibition follows a series of successful swapping events and for the first time USED will be focussing on Arts practice. MAS will explore notions of value, ownership and exchange in relation to the arts and the community settings in which we will be situated. Contributing practitioners are invited to participate in exchange of works during the opening evening: 20th June 2013 6.30-8.30pm 

MAS is taking submissions for works on paper which we will be exhibited for a one night pop-exhibition and art exchange. Artists wishing to submit should email a short outline of their intended submission including size, medium and if they wish to participate in the swap. Only works on paper will be accepted and can be submitted by post or drop off at the space up until the morning of the 20th June. 

Deadline for postal applications: 17th June

A printmaking workshop will also be run between 4pm and 6pm at Number 82. Anyone wishing to participate in this should email to book a space. 

To get involved: 

For more information about number 82

For regular updates- Please follow MAS

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The multi media arts launch in Deptford has been covered in the News Shopper and This is Local London.. Hurrah for saying thanks!!

Good To See You


A little information on a recent project that I worked on: launched 11th May 2013 in Deptford Market 

The good to see you project arose as a concept arts project that explores visibility, invisibility and who and when we give Thanks. Focussing on the work of street cleaners working in and around Deptford Market, South East London, we aim to create awareness and interaction between the local community and those working here.

Street Cleaners have often long and isolated working patterns. The work is physically demanding and repetitive. The job brings a stigma of associated with waste, dirt and the discarded items that litter our streets. For this reason it is our perceived understanding that often people tend to keep distance, ignore or forget about the individuals that are maintaining the spaces that we carry out the activities of our lives. Keeping streets clean has a direct impact on the way we feel about our community and ourselves. Clean streets and spaces help us to feel positive and proud of who and where we are, which in turn benefits the experiences of a community.

 The Good to see you project will help understand and encourage acknowledgement and the giving of thanks to the individuals that are performing these services for us, reinforcing and promoting the positive experience of community. Using conversation, working with reclaimed materials and performance we hope to trigger a consideration of awareness and understanding among the participating public that will be fed back to both the street cleaners through messages, cards and activities of those who engage with the ideals of the project.

To keep updated with the project and if you would like to add to the collection of thanks/ good to see you stories via facebook group


Life oh Life



So as i mentioned we have all been up to lots of stuff and it has been a busy year for the three of us and a lot of things have changed! Some good and some just well what happens in little projects 

Sarah is now an education officer working hard and full time for Traid . Rosie is just starting an exciting 16mm film project with a community group un hull that will run through this summer to create a monument to Charlie Chaplin. So that leaves me (Meghan) and basically I am gonna carry on planning more projects through USED. I’ll be putting up more details soon but so far it all going well. 

Sadly we gave up our studio space on Oxford Street in January 2013. The space and support that we were given throughout 2012 from 3space was a huge in helping us to develop our little project. At the end of the year though the three of us felt the need to be situated in a community that we could reach and interact with. Unfortunately a great a location as Oxford Street is, it just wasn’t suited for this. 

So current and future projects are most likely to based in Lewisham and South East London so keep an eye out for us. And again a big thank you to 3space for their help and support- anyone looking for space then check them out. new spaces and projects constantly popping up all over the place 

We Hit The Hut

We’re currently transforming our new temporary work space located on Oxford Street. The space used to be Pizza Hut’s London Training Centre and is now the hub of all things USED. In the throbbing heart of London’s consumerist district >> we’ll be addressing issues of fast fashion whilst utilising fashion consumer’s waste…and awaiting the arrival of our new neighbour Primark.

We’ll be opening up the space one day a week for the public to use our sewing machines and fix up their skills and old clothes.

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Show Us Your Space

With so many redundant shops and office spaces popping up around the country we got in talks with 3Space to put a roof over our heads and find a suitable home for the bags of reclaimed materials we’ve been rescuing from being thrown away and provide a space that we can work on re-using them.

The premise of 3Space, a charity, is to work with landlords who have an empty space to provide Community Interest Companies, social enterprises and other charities with a free temporary office or pop-up shop whilst it’s vacant and unused. Their aim is to help regenerate an area by making use of available premises, supporting local communities as well as giving organisations a platform to work their magic.

Our new space ties in nicely with the USED ethos, of using our available resources to make our upcycling community. A place where we can work on our range of clothes made from reclaimed materials, and to work with the community to skill-share, connect with our existing materials and create new from old.

Our aim is to be in our new working environment by the end of the month.

3Space are currently running a competition to charitable organisations with the chance to win the use of a free retail unit and £1500. See here for more details:

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Hold The Press

Sarah was asked to offer her upcycling know-how for an article written by Christine De Leon which was featured in the style page of The Huffington Post.

Read the full article here:

For reporting on sustainable fashion on the street, check out VeryNiceThreads

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