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Bigger Thinking

After the success of MAS workshop/ exhibition and exchange, a new project has slowly been coming together. MAS was a great pop-up project that was able to utilise a community space for a fun and creative event but it was short and relatively small.

Sooo a new project has been developed out of MAS and this time it’s much bigger, theres more stuff going on for more people and it will last longer. It’s just much bigger, better and mega exciting!!

The Living Room will evolve from a programme of workshops and conversations with the community and culminate in the recreation of a typical homely and usable living room space within the gallery. The objective of the project is to explore changing spaces, values and interactions for communities that are going though transition in relation to regeneration, recession and globalisation, whilst also exploring the opportunities and value and of the arts in this respect. To engage with wide audiences, the Living Room will involve both community groups and a wider public to fill the gallery space with totemic objects representing significant values.

The same as MAS, The Living Room has been lucky enough to be granted support from Think Big.  THANKS to YOU THINK BIG!!

So there are a few more plans and things to be sorted but please keep an eye out for opportunities and events. I’m hoping there will be lots of time and space to get a great public programme organised and it would be fantastic to have lots of people involved with this.

Watch this space!

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We Only Gone And Done It!

We’d like to thank you for your support in helping our community project reach our fundraising target, for believing in us, spreading the word and digging deep. We now have the funds to start moving into a space provided by 3Space.


Becca and Tom Sharrocks, Ellie Emptage, Rod Bower, Sophie Williams, Neil Usher, Kevin Rimmer, Lora Heinl-Rimmer, Iain Whiteley, Jeanne Griffiths, Susie Cell, Sandra Pearce, Elizabeth Millen, Sandra and Violet Garbet, Dan Eldridge, Paul Shellard, Danny Staple, Robert Watts, Leo Heinl, Veronica Csertoi and Deborah Byrne, Rosa Martyn, Scott Bradbury (Chips for the Poor), Tom Gilroy, Kim Hankinson, Jim Meredith, Naomi Bristow, Maren Grotemeier, John Porteus, Julie Norburn, Ellie Keeble and Bex Mullins.

It was with your help that we made equipment out of wood found on the streets of London, with the help of sculptor Philip White, and with reclaimed fabric that we made into yarn, we headed down to the Crisis Rough Sleeper’s Centre to make scarves with the hundreds of homeless people over the festive Christmas period.

We hope that in 2012 we will continue to work with organisations that work with vulnerable people, build up strong links with the local community and to find creative solutions for textile waste.

With your continued support, we’ve got a feeling 2012 will be a good one.

We hope you have a good one too!

Sarah, Meghan and Rosie x

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Show Us Your Space

With so many redundant shops and office spaces popping up around the country we got in talks with 3Space to put a roof over our heads and find a suitable home for the bags of reclaimed materials we’ve been rescuing from being thrown away and provide a space that we can work on re-using them.

The premise of 3Space, a charity, is to work with landlords who have an empty space to provide Community Interest Companies, social enterprises and other charities with a free temporary office or pop-up shop whilst it’s vacant and unused. Their aim is to help regenerate an area by making use of available premises, supporting local communities as well as giving organisations a platform to work their magic.

Our new space ties in nicely with the USED ethos, of using our available resources to make our upcycling community. A place where we can work on our range of clothes made from reclaimed materials, and to work with the community to skill-share, connect with our existing materials and create new from old.

Our aim is to be in our new working environment by the end of the month.

3Space are currently running a competition to charitable organisations with the chance to win the use of a free retail unit and £1500. See here for more details: http://www.highstreethijack.org/

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